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Here are some company career page ideas that stood out to me recently. Enjoy!

1. Career Site-Wide Chatbot

A timely (if not immediate) response is key to keeping candidates engaged on your company career site. If a candidate is asking questions that means they’re interested.

You don’t have to send them to a contact us form with a “we’ll get back to you later” confirmation.

You can instead try a Chatbot.Chatbot on company career page


We’ve seen different versions of chatbots (see 5 Uses of Chatbots in Recruiting). Some just pop-up the chat box right on the page. Others send candidates to a chat page when they click “Let’s chat”.

Careers chatbot chat page


2. Interactive Video Search

Candidates on Hilton Grand Vacation’s job search page can do an interactive video job search.

Candidates press play and get some quick tips:

Hilton Interactive Video Job Search


Then get to pick a specific department:

Department interactive video job search


Once the candidate picks a department, a department-specific video plays:

Hilton Department specific recruiting video


While also returning a relevant set of jobs underneath:


3. Chat with Employee Insiders

Your employees are often your best recruiters. Check out how Nestle offers up some employee ambassadors (“Insiders”) for candidates to chat with.

Nestle speak with our insiders


4. Translate My Skills (for Veterans)

GE Appliances dedicates a section to Veterans on their career page. It lets veterans see job openings by matching their skills and military code.

GE Appliances Career Page Translate My Skills GE Appliances Veterans Microsite


5. Find a Job Like [Name of Employee]

Another nice career page idea from GE.  It lets candidates read bios of employees they feel a connection with and then find a job like that employee’s job.

Jobs Like Aida's


6. A Visual Path for Advancement/Mobility

Here’s a good one if you have a business with tiers of jobs that candidates advance through (e.g. Law firms, management consultants, etc.).

Show a visual of each job with the expected duration of each tier. Williams Marston (Consultants) has this nice visual that also has the benefit of showing an ascending/upward trajectory — it feels like I (the candidate) will grow upward at this biz!

Williams Marston Path for Advancement


7. External Referral Program

You know how well internal employee referrals work, don’t you? How about EXTERNAL referrals!

Publicis Sapient External Referral Program


8. Storybooks

Wow, a company called Scality creates books honoring their clients. Now we’re talkin!


9. Mention the Top Challenges You’re Working On

Gigster dedicates a section to challenges that inspire them. It’s right on their career landing page. If a candidate’s motivations are in-line with yours, they’re a great fit for your company!

Gigster Company Career Page


10. Career-Specific Header Navigation Bar

Make it easy for candidates to navigate your company career site. ADP has done this. Notice how you can reach any of their pages from the header navigation bar. This creates a better experience for the candidate.

ADP Career Page


Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s mission is to increase quality hires for you through the best job pages. I wrote this article because many candidates look at your career page first before they’ll consider searching for your jobs. So the more creative you can get on career pages the better!

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