We did a post recently on the best company career sites. Below are some honorable mentions we wanted to give a shout-out to:


  • Job Search & Department Microsites — The first thing they provide is a job search by keyword, location, and then 8 pics/tiles that link off to different departments and Internships. Each department microsite has a short blurb such as in Creative they mention that you get to “invent alongside 500 of our closest friends”.
  • Career Home Page Video —  The “Join Us and Make Meaningful Connections” video tugs at your heart strings — right on message for Hallmark’s business.


Home Depot

  • Branding — Home Depot “bleeds orange” as they like to say and and their careers website gives you the immediate feel like you’re in Home Depot’s world with their company career site.
  • Twitter Slide Bar — They have a “Social Check-In” immediately above their job search that shows tweets by Home Depot with pics for each — candidates can hover over each to see the tweet (they don’t have to click). This helps bring a large company like Home Depot to life.


Houghton Mifflin Harcout

  • # of Jobs Listed — They list the # of jobs (208) on the search button itself. This is simple but brilliant. Candidates will be affected by this social proof.



  • Great headline/hero image combination — It simply gets your attention, it’s also a .gif type image where picture is in motion.
  • Departments — They have left-hand navigation sections for each department that you could click on rapid-fire to see a picture and description of that team/department in the right hand column (without leaving the page).


  • Hero Image — Great hero image and solid headline in the form of a question.


Mondelez International

  • Good headline — “Big and small” is their career site headline and theme supported by a solid video.
  • CEO Statement — The CEO supports the “big and small” theme with a quote immediately below.

Morton Salt

  • History — Morton emphasizes its history with their “100 Year Anniversary” video with emphasis on family and the fact their salt has more uses than just human consumption. It also has uses for making roads safer and for washing clothes. They also show an old image of the Morton’s Salt Girl.
  • They take a commodity (salt) and making it something special.


Oppenheimer Funds

  • Hero Media w/ numbers — Their hero image next to vital numbers/stats is a simple and effective idea for what to put above the fold on a career home page especially for an investment company like OppenheimerFunds.
  • History — They immediately point out they’ve been around since 1959.
  • Mission — They put their mission above-the-fold (that’s rare but good — millennials in particular are known to be driven by a company’s purpose).



  • Captions in Pics — Quantcast is one of the few employers who uses captions in their pictures on their career home page (18 of them!). Advertising guru David Ogilivy was fond of pointing out that twice as many people read captions under photographs as read the body of the advertisement.



  • Headline — It’s a powerful one leveraging the social proof of being in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list.
  • Cool Departments Effect — They show 8 key departments in little thumbnail tile pics and when you click on the thumbnail it flips over and gives you a few bullets about that department.


Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

  • Career Track — This consulting leader clearly explains the path that their people take from a starting position as Associate to Consultant to Project Leader to Principal to Partner; they even include pictures and quotes from multiple employees from each of those stages.


  • Alumni Center –They link to an Alumni section from their careers home page and run an Alumni Center that includes alumni profiles such as when a former McKinsey person takes a new leadership position somewhere. There are also Webcasts sharing knowledge from alumni and a recruiter log-in — we are not sure where that leads.


Ernst & Young

  • Less is More — Check out Ernst & Young and Apple. Notice how E&Y uses only 2 main components on its careers home page: 1) A hero image and 2) a simple self-select navigation (Students or Experienced) and search for candidates to choose from (and each has a hover-over explaining more). Similarly, Apple has an excellent hero image and just a few other components.
  • Alienate the Non-Prospect — If you click on Ernst & Young’s Students page, you’ll notice in the “How do I join?” section that E&Y says: “If you share our values and believe you have the skills, ability and drive to succeed here, we want to hear from you.” E&Y is emphasizing quality here — they are challenging the student to self-select that they have reviewed the values and skills and that they have drive. If you want fewer, but higher quality, applications, this is how you do it!



  • Opening Company video — They open with a video on the values of Atlassian with the CEO speaking first and then the team, including one member saying he likes that there’s “no bullshit” at the company.
  • Location Pages — They do microsite landing pages for each of their 5 locations. Each page includes a hero image, video, and listing of jobs just in that location.


Bank of New York Mellon

  • A Day in the Life — There are  “day in the life” profiles of employees in 9 different departments linked to immediately below the career home page search. They lead to easy to ready articles that include how many years each employee has been there, 3 things that surprised them about Mellon and where they expect to be in 5 years. Each day in the life links off to “related jobs” in each department.
  • Interview Process — Their careers home page has an Interviewing section that links off to details about the interviewing process.

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

  • Great Opening Video — They have a short vid of employees talking about the day to day of interacting with their seniors (customers) with specifics like what their favorite meals on the menu are. In less than a minute, you have a feel for what it’s like to work there.


 Do you have a favorite company careers site that we missed?

If we missed a great company career site you think stands out, please comment on it below and we’ll make sure to review it. 

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