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Looking for some new career site ideas? Here are 5 we found recently that we had never seen before (at least not with this execution). Enjoy!

Career Site Idea #1: Salary Calculator & Salary Transparency

Stack Overflow, a software community, is transparent about how much money you’ll make with them. They offer up a Salary Calculator (check it out here or look at the below screenshot).

Stack also did an A/B split test (example below) including the salary range they offer in their job listings (A) versus not including them (B).

Salary transparency won out.

Job listings that included salary info saw a 60% increase in click-through rate when the salary range was below $100K and a 100% increase in clicks for jobs with salaries above $100K.


Career Site Idea #2: Pop-Up for Upcoming Hiring Event

When you go to Piedmont Healthcare’s career site, you get this automatic pop-up for an upcoming hiring event. This type of push-marketing from a career site can be effective at capturing RSVPs/candidate emails. 


Career Site Idea #3: “Don’t See the Right Fit”

Twitter has this banner running on many of its job posting pages in case the candidate is on the wrong job:


That banner then leads to a Teams page like this to show the candidate to other options:


Career Site Idea #4: Career Progression with Timeline

Tata Global Beverages shows 2 examples of a real-life employee’s career path/  Talk about showing a candidate journey!


Career Site Idea #5: Show Country Map Icons

Are you global. Stripe has a great way to show it off on their careers site.

They give a simple but powerful visual cue on something just about every candidate sees: job search results.

They include an icon of a map that they put next to the city. This  visual cue immediately shows how global they are in colorful fashion. Nice!

Why I wrote this?

Ongig’s job content marketing software powers your candidate journey on your career site. We’re always looking for ways to help you stand out. Remember to check out our  “Creating a New Company Career Site: The Definitive Guide” for our FREE 7-step process for building a career site.

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