We’re impressed with the high percentage of candidates clicking “Join Our Talent Network” on some of our clients’ Career home pages.

A Careers home page like La Jolla Group (parent of O’Neill Sports) that places their “Join Our Talent Network” call-to-action button in a prominent position (above-the fold) can easily see 20% or more of visitors clicking the button.

In fact, we’ve seen the percentage get as high as 38% some days (e.g. if the employer had some recruiting promotion going on that day).

Why is the Talent Network important? Because it can be a top source of candidate engagement and hires –for example, it was in the top 10 (out of 60) media sources for AT&T hires in a case study they did in 2010 with TMP.

A successful Talent Network isn’t just for job alerts, as Christopher Brabic of SmashFly Recruitment recently noted in a series on Talent Networks: it should include sending “videos, company news, helpful articles, fun messages and other content.”

One employer we know is considering sending their Talent Network members discounts on their products!.

The “Join Our Talent Network” Conversion Funnel

The actual % of those that click “Join Our Talent Network” and then complete the action (submitting their personal information like name and email address) depends on exactly what you ask for once they click.

In general, the more information you ask for, the lower the completion conversion.

More than half of candidates who click “Join Our Talent Network” may decline completing the next step (submitting their information).

The Talent Network funnel #s for a company like La Jolla that emphasizes the call to action above-the-fold on their Careers home page might look something like this:

  • 100 Unique Visitors (to Careers home page) (100%)
  • 20 Clicks (on “Join Our Talent Network)  (20% click-through)
  • 10 Talent Network members (completed sign-in forms) (50% completion)

In that case, the net conversion from the top of the funnel would be 10% (10/100).

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