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If you are looking for new ideas to increase candidate engagement and interaction for your company career site, here are some creative features to consider:

1. Alienate the Non-Prospect — This is a marketing principle that preaches: rarely does it make sense to go after every single person in the world as your customer. Take Huge Inc — when they open up with a headline like “Get paid for giving a shit” they are clearly going to attract certain candidates and “alienate” a bunch other “non-prospects”.

In recruiting this of the utmost importance as you don’t want to waste time interviewing people who are not “[name of your company] material”.

You can alienate non-prospects through a number of ways such as video and culture. Check out call center Global Telesourcing — they show team members doing push-ups during meetings to the the music of Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger. This will turn on high-energy/competitive candidates (their target!) and repel candidates who are low-energy and less competitive (their non-prospects!).

Best Company Career Site Ideas Alienate Non Prospect Ongig


2. Career Timeline — Deloitte has a bulky “Life at Deloitte” section and each employee profile includes a timeline journey of that employee — check out Richard’s career journey for an example.

Accenture puts one employee profile right on their careers home page and you can click on the each year for a particular employee to see what they were doing.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Career Path Ongig


3. Career Path — If you have a key position in which there is a clear path (think Retail, Consulting, Lawyers, Banking, Nursing) you want to explain that career path as clearly as possible. Chipotle does the best job at this through their Career Path section in which you can click on each stage (Crew, Kitchen Manager, Service Manager, General Manager, Restaurateur, etc.) and the picture of the employee changes as does the column chart of compensation ($28K for crew versus $133K for a restaurateur).

Boston Consulting Group has a great example of this with descriptions of each milestone (Associate to Consultant to Project Leader to Principal to Partner) and quotes from employees who served each of those positions. I’m amazed that more employers who have clear paths for employees don’t break out the stages of the journey.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Career Paths Ongig


4. Chat/Slack — Do you want to be truly transparent (a value millennials and many others value)? Try what Hubspot does — they use Slack on their Careers page to let candidates chat with certain team members.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Chat Ongig


5. Mobile App for Careers — If you have the resources, you might consider creating a free mobile app for candidates interested in knowing more about what it’s like to work for you (Goldman Sachs has one called Make an Impact that guides you through the recruiting process including tips on prepping for an interview). DisneyLand Paris also offers one (warning: you need to speak French).

Best Company Career Site Ideas Careers App Ongig


6. Dedicated URL for Career Page — Expedia (LifeAtExpedia.com) and Global Telesourcing (WorkAtGT.com) are examples of companies using a unique URL for their career sites. The main benefit is that you are not bogged down by anything unrelated to recruiting.

7. Contrarian UI Navigation — Some career sites like Adidas and Asana have left/right scrolling instead of the traditional up/down scrolling of most websites.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Contrarian Scrollin Ongig


8. “Is Your Boss Coming” Button — Air New Zealand has a clever moving icon of a rip cord ( (like one you pull to inflate a life jacket) that has a hover-over saying “Is your boss coming” — when the candidate clicks on it a fake web page with a spreadsheet appear. It’s a bit cheesy but effective.

Air New Zealand Career Site Ongig Blog


9. Browse by Teams — Check out Dropbox’s clever approach to browsing their departments/teams. They start out with their main call-to-action button as “See where you fit in” which leads to a section called “Explore our teams” which takes their 19 departments and divides them into groups called “Build a product” (R&D, Engineering, product), “Grow a business” (Sales, Marketing, etc.), “Empower people” (Admin, Recruiting), and “Start a career” (new grads).

This is in stark contrast to most career sites which follow the typical first call to action such as “Search Jobs” or “Browse Jobs by Location/Department”.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Browse By Teams Ongig


10. Work from Home — If you allow certain jobs to be filled by people working from home, you should shout it from the rafters (this is hugely valuable to millennials, moms, dads and many others).

Amazon mentions it as one of the top 3 areas from its careers home page and gives it its own Virtual Locations microsite page. You can also check out AOL and Pivotal for examples of work-at-home pages.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Work From Home Ongig


11. LinkedIn Job Match — LinkedIn allows you to use a widget that recommends jobs for candidates who are logged into LinkedIn. Deluxe offered this from their careers home page and it’s one of the few career sites that actually returned me results when I tried it (without asking me to log-in through LinkedIn).

Best Company Career Site Ideas LinkedIn Job Match Ongig


12. Meet/Find Your RecruiterDeluxe lists profiles of its recruiters (with name, domain, email, LinkedIn profile and even a video of each recruiter!) from a link off its home page. Microsoft has a Find your recruiter which lets candidates find a recruiter to talk to based on their location. We also wrote on this concept in Bravo to Microsoft for Letting Students See and Email their Recruiter.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Recruitment Team Ongig


13. Interview Process — Mentioning your interviewing process upfront helps engender trust with your candidates. BNY Mellon does a great job of showing candidates the ins and outs of this process.
BNY Mellon Interviewing Career Page 2


14. Message from CEO — This willl help with the transparency of the company and intro potential job candidates to leadership and their values.

Mondelez Career Page CEO Message


15. Department Blog — If one department is really key for you, it might make sense to have a blog for it. Eventbrite does that for Engineers with new monthly in-depth posts.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Department Blog Ongig


16. Alumni of the Company — Employees will naturally leave your company for other companies, that’s just a part of the cycle. This means you have a bunch of alumni of former employees out there. Why not celebrate it?

McKinsey and Accenture stand out here: McKinsey links to its Alumni section from its careers home page and provides content of immediate value such as alumni profiles (e.g. when a former McKinsey person takes a new leadership position somewhere).

There are also Webcasts sharing knowledge from alumni and a recruiter log-in and an Alumni Center. Accenture also has a Accenture Alumni page linked from its career home page with a video outlining exclusive events and other benefits.

Mckinsey and Company Alumni Page


17. Contrarian Layout of Content — Some people like a different/contrarian layout and career pages don’t come more different than J. Walter Thompson.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Contrarian Layout Ongig


18. Non-Career Email Briefing — If you’ve got content that is helpful to a person in general (but not about a career with you), you might take a page from Goldman Sachs. They offer up a weekly “Briefings” email about trends, shaping markets, industries, and the global economy. That’s a great way to keep on the radar of passive candidates in a non-salesy way.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Briefings Ongig


19. Careers QuizGoldman Sachs offers a Careers Quiz (prominently link to from their careers home page) that promises that if a candidate answers a few questions (no wrong answers) then they will be suggested a “short list” of divisions that may suit their skills. Goldman says they’ve received positive feedback from university students and entry level job seekers. The firm claims they never use it to identify the candidate’s identity.

Goldman Sachs Career Quiz


20. Two Options for Interviews — Global Telesourcing wants you to click apply and then leads to 2 choices: 1) Schedule an interview with a recruiter or 2) Interview now (through Sparkhire’s recruiting platform).

Best Company Career Site Ideas Options for Interviews Ongig


Bonus Feature:

Day in the Life ProfilesBNY Mellon shows in-depth profiles of a day in the life of their employees. Very well put together.

Best Company Career Site Ideas Day In The Life Ongig


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Do you have a favorite company careers site idea that we missed?

If we missed a great company career site idea you think stands out, please comment on it below and we’ll make sure to add it to this or a future post. Thanks!

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