To All Employers,

To fully harness the power of Ongig, we can’t do everything for you — there are some things you need to do yourself (but it’ll be well worth it!).

If you can follow the tips we’ve provided below, your job will harness the full power of Ongig and best attract A-Player candidates who can support your continued world dominance.


Best Practices Part 1: Creating a New Job Ad

Crowd-Source (Co-Create) Your Job Description

Ongig allows multiple people on your hiring team (as many as you want!) to create the job together through our groundbreaking job description form — this is both effective and fun!

Ongig Best Practices Adding Editors to Create a Social Job Ad

We recommend that you ask the hiring manager and a few other people from the hiring team (e.g. office manager, HR person, recruiter, teammate, CEO, etc.) to create the job with you through our easy Add Editor link.

For example, there may have been a really good office party recently and you don’t have the pictures from it but your office mate does — invite them to upload the pics into your job!

Reason: Your job description will be more effective, and it’s fun. 

Show The Hiring Manager

A-Players want to see who they will report to. We recommend that you show your hiring manager in at least one of the following ways:

  1. Video — Have your hiring manager appear in the video.
  2. Pictures — Have your hiring manager appear in one of the pictures (and you can add a caption to them identifying the hiring manager by name).
  3. Job Owner — Have them sign in as the job owner (this way candidates can see how they socially connected to the hiring manager and also see a thumbnail picture of them (assuming they have one on their social profile.
  4. Comments — Have the hiring manager respond to questions in the comments (using their identity). Ongig places a green star  next to their name when they make comments so that candidates can easily identify them.
Ongig Best Practices Show the Hiring Manager in Social Job Ads

This requires simply that the hiring manager sign in through LinkedIn (while on Ongig) so that their name and photo (if they have one on LinkedIn) appears in the Connectability Bar of Ongig (in the upper right of the screen shot above).

A-Players tell us that identifying the leader of the job they’d be joining  is the single most important part of a candidate’s decision-making process.

Reason: A-Player Candidates want to see who they will report to and check out their background.

Show The Team & Culture

A-Player Candidates want to see who the team is that they will be working with.

Ongig recommends you show as much of the team as you can through our the pictures and video we allow you to upload.

This can include people, office space or any visuals that represent your uniqueness (check out Klout’s cool culture pic from their Web Application Engineer job page!).

Ongig Best Practices -- Show Culture through Pictures in a Social Job Ad

Reason: A-Player Candidates want to imagine with whom and where they will work. 

Text in a Job Description is Still Important

Some job candidates prefer reading text (than just watching videos) and you should make sure to have some text describing your job.

This has the additional benefit of helping you attract candidates searching Google.

Reason: As advertising guru David Oglivy once said, “The more you tell, the more you sell!”

Best Practices Part 2: Social Sharing & Candidate Engagement

Social Sharing Starts with Your Hiring Team

The highest quality leads for job candidates come from referrals, often your own employees — but you know that.

Ongig Best Practices_ Social Sharing Example of a Social Job Ad

What Ongig allows is for you to create a job description that is so stunning (pictures, video, interactivity) that your team is going to want to share it through their individual networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

And when you share an Ongig-generated job through Facebook or Twitter, the thumbnail of the picture or video shows up (making the job much more intriguing).



Reason: Each Like, Tweet and LinkedIn Share can generate up to 10 visits to your job description; for example, the 20 Likes and 57 Tweets that the Community Manager job pictured above got might generate 500 to 1,000 views of your job (from quality referrals in your network!).  

Embed The Job On Your Web Site

Any job created through Ongig can be easily embedded onto your own site by copying and pasting the embed code we include on each individual job page!

The pictures or video appear right there on your own site — how awesome is that!?

We recommend you embed the Ongig job on your Career or Jobs section or on employees own blogs (John Greene of Salesforce embedded it on his blog and that generated 100s of


Ongig Best Practices Embed your job on other Websites social job ads-1 Ongig Best Practices Embed Your Job on Personal Blogs


Reason: Ongig allows you create a superior job advertisement that will convert better than any traditional text-heavy job req. So you might as well use it for the visitors to your own site!

Have Connectors Give You A “Shout-Out”

The Comments & Shout-Outs section is awesome for your friends and colleagues (we call them “Connectors”) to give you and your job a shout-out.

Ongig Best Practices Comments and Shout-Outs in Social Job Ad

Connectors might include investors, advisors or partners.

Reason: These people want you to succeed and Ongig gives them a way to support you through a super-quick Shout-Out (it takes less than a minute). 

Be Responsive in the Comments Section

The right-hand rail of Ongig is reserved for comments that anyone can make about your job. You (as an employer) will get emailed when someone makes a comment and candidates will appreciate your responsiveness when you reply.

Note: Ongig asks for your email during your quick registration with us (at the same time we ask you to authenticate yourself through LinkedIn) — thank you for providing an email address that you check regularly! 

Ongig Best Practices Resond to Comments Quickly in Social Job Ads

Your answer can then be useful to any other candidate looking at the job.

You can also use the Comments section to give general guidance to the candidates viewing your page (perhaps your receiving applications from candidates who aren’t qualified — you can clarify that in the Comments section).

If you want your job to rank high on relevant keyword searches on Google, all of these comments and shout-outs are super-impactful.

Google will look at your job page and see [Your Company Name] this and [Your Job Title] that and along with the pictures, video, text and links and consider your job page to be a rockstar for related searches.

Reason: This enables your job description to be alive…forever improving — how incredibly awesome!?

Eliminate the Resume “Black Hole”

You will eventually fill your job (whether through Ongig or another source)!

When you do, you can tell Ongig directly or even make a comment in the Comments section (such as below).

Ongig Best Practices Comment that the job is filled in social job ads

Reason: Many job candidates complain of the “”Resume Black Hole” (e.g. they do not know the status of a job or their application. With Ongig, once your job is filled, people who have been interested in your job will get pinged by Ongig that the job is filled.

This will give candidates a sense of closure and improve your Employer Brand!