I recently joined Peter Clayton on his TotalPicture Radio Podcast. We discussed all things Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, & HR Tech, including a preview of Ongig’s Annual Applicant Tracking System Report.

Here’s a brief list of questions Peter asked me. 

  • What is the methodology you used to come up with your top ATS ranking?
  • Why do you think there’s such a big difference between your top ATS results and other surveys?
    • For instance Capterra lists Bullhorn and #1 – a company I don’t even see on your pie chart?
  • One legacy ATS, Taleo, that was bought by Oracle several years ago, has a very large piece of your pie chart, 36.43% which I find remarkable, considering I’ve never met any recruiter or HR manager who liked Taleo. They keep increasing their market share, am I right?
  • A large part of your value proposition at Ongig is your ability to integrate with your client’s ATS’s, right?
    • Is it more difficult to accomplish this with the legacy systems than the newer next generation ATS’s like Greenhouse and Lever?
  • I would assume you have a pretty good read on the ATS market and adoption – any standouts?
  • Another value prop that Ongig offers is responsive mobile design. For those not familiar with what that means, could you explain this?
    • What is the percentage of job seekers using mobile devices – smartphones and tablets in their job search?
    • Why do so many companies and and ATS’s flunk when it comes to mobile apply?
  • Do you plan on updating your ATS Survey in the future?


Listen to the entire Q&A here (it’s fun!):


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