We were stunned when we looked at Ongig’s analytics over the weekend — 8,000+ people had visited from Hacker News and yet only 1.1% of them used Internet Explorer (IE) (see graph and chart below).

Internet Explorer Browser Share On Hacker News

IE usually loses out to Chrome on Ongig’s regular traffic (23.4% to 33.4%), but on Hacker News Chrome usage crushes IE by a ratio of 45x.

Here’s the normal top-ten browser breakdown on Ongig:

1) Chrome: 33.37%
2) Internet Explorer: 23.35%
3) Firefox: 17.00%
4) Safari: 14.36%
5) Mozilla Compatible Agent: 8.13%
6) Android: 2.81%
7) Opera: .32%
8) RockMelt: .30%
9) Blackberry: .15%
10) Opera Mini: .11%

Even Opera Beat Internet Explorer On Hacker News

How low is the IE usage on Hacker News?

So low that Android beat IE by 5 to 1…and even¬†little old Opera/Opera Mini edged out IE.

The below table is the actual data from the Hacker News visits this weekend (note: the numbers changed slightly between the pie chart we did and when we screen-grabbed this data).

Internet Explorer Browser Share On Hacker News

Anyone have any idea why Internet Explorer is nearly dead on Hacker News?

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
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  • Iluv

    IE sucks. Everyone who is a hacker knows that. The IE people probably came to the site by accident.

  • Everyone in hackernews knows IE is dead among us. But I really doubt if most of us would agree with the statement’s tone in “So low that Android beat IE by 5 to 1”

    • Good point about the tone related to Chrome, Abinesh. It was a little condescending so I took out the “even.”