The new “At Twitter, The Future Is You!” recruiting video (embed below) from Twitter has quickly ranked among the top 5 most popular recruitment videos we’ve seen on YouTube.

Here are some YouTube stats on the Twitter video:

Here’s the new Twitter recruiting video embed:

[Here’s a link to the Twitter recruiting video in case you can’t see this video]

The top 5 most viewed recruitment-related videos we’ve seen on YouTube are:

  1. An Inside Look At Google (2,173,263 views)
  2. U.S. Army Ranger School (1,445,416 views)
  3. US NAVY SEALS (890,900 (views)
  4. Interviewing At Google (827,858 views)
  5. At Twitter, The Future Is You! (667,910 views)

Twitter just released its video last Friday —  600K+ views in 5 days is the fastest start we’ve seen for a YouTube recruitment video.

Twitter ran an International Software Engineer job posting video on Ongig which you can check out here (7,500+ views so far):

If you like business tech video stuff, we did a piece on The Most Popular Videos About Working At Tech Companies.

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
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