Ongig’s mission is to empower all people to recruit.

By “people”, we mean internal recruiters, hiring managers or even “connectors” outside an employer organization.

Our first creation is the “social job description” in which we reinvented the static job description/ad to include video, pictures, social media, comments and more.

You can go check out examples of Ongig’s social job ads on our Job Postings page.

A core value of Ongig is transparency and you will find this in all of our social job descriptions and future products. For instance, job candidates looking at Ongig-powered job pages can:

  • see the manager they would work for
  • see the team they would work with
  • view connections between them and their future team
  • feel the culture of their future job
  • have the option to easily ask questions of their future team
  • be updated on each job they are interested in (even if they don’t get hired!)

In general, Ongig believes that the more friction we can help remove between candidates and employers, the better the hire will be.

Ongig also believes that every job has a natural social network surrounding it, and we provide the tools to help create and organize that job social network.

We welcome you to join Ongig’s mission!