Over the last few weeks I have been asked multiple times, why can’t I just put my job videos on YouTube?

What are viewers looking for when they go to YouTube.

I suppose no one is stopping you from posting to YouTube. However, simply posting a job video on YouTube doesn’t mean it will be effective. You might simply be “checking a box” for your social strategy.

YouTube owns mindshare when it comes to online videos. Google Keywords shows that 1.12 billion people search the term YouTube every month.

The number of views does not ensure success however. Here are some challenges you can expect if you plan to use YouTube to advertise jobs.


Your audience is going to have a hard time focusing on your message.

Yes, the Top 5 videos on YouTube all currently have over 400K views. However, not one of them is business related. Your business content will get swallowed up by videos that distract your users.

A quick click of the browse function showed results ranging from the X-Factor to Christmas..

Run a quick search on YouTube of a top company hiring in your area. In my case, I searched for social gaming juggernaut Zynga. There were over 38K results, and the videos were of a wide variety.

If took me a few minutes to find a video specific to “Zynga Jobs”, and even then it was surrounded by Zynga videos reviewing Farmville, a Japanese McDonald’s commercial, and Burning Man.

I definitely had issues focusing on Zynga’s videos.


The second challenge is the voice many of the videos come from.

It seems that when your video is located by your target audience, they view something filmed with a marketing voice.

Zynga has an aggressive recruiting team, but how effective are their videos?

It is easy to spot a video that is over-produced and lacking “real” content. The video is manufactured to sway an audience versus reporting the facts. These videos typically contain a multitude of graphics, music, and narration.

This will leave your audience skeptical. In the case of the “Zynga Jobs” video, it has achieved over 10K views since it was posted in February 2011. Of those, there are 26 likes and 25 dislikes.

The issue is that the video shows snippets of managers talking about how great Zynga is, showing employees in a “jumpy house”, and Zen Room where you can get a message.

Are those things attractive…yes. Do they convince viewers that they need to apply to Zynga? Hard to say.

People are skeptical of videos produced with a marketing voice.


As we mentioned before, it is difficult to find business content on YouTube.

News might be the closest thing we can find to business on YouTube.

To try and simplify the process, I clicked on “browse” and looked through all of the 14 categories of videos indexed on YouTube.

The statistic that you really need to know is that not one of them has anything to do with business.

This highlights the difficulty in steering a conversation toward business on YouTube.


The hope for having success marketing your job videos on YouTube is to set up your own channel.

It gives you more of an opportunity to control your message, and direct the conversation. Viewers can arrive at your channel and see content specific to topics you may choose.

Zynga’s choice is to use their YouTube channel to promote their social games and users.

In the case of Zynga, they choose to utilize their channel to highlight their games and users. This is likely done for the purpose of user acquisition.

It is also an example of how you can establish a channel and encourage users to join the conversation in a way you would like.

It is difficult to find a company using their channel in a coordinated way for job videos, but channels may be the best way to have success with them on YouTube.


As video becomes easier to create, find, and view this conversation is going to increase in importance.

As I have said, I believe that video will be standard in job descriptions within the next five years.

The question is, will YouTube be a central medium in that strategy? The answer is that it is too early to tell, and there is certainly an opportunity for other mediums to emerge.

Especially when you are talking about business content that is focused on the serious topic of jobs and careers.

Jason Webster

Jason Webster is a social recruiting enthusiast and co-founder of Ongig, a platform that creates shareable, visually-appealing job descriptions. He has spoken at multiple social recruiting events, where his passion for candidate experience is the primary topic. Connect with Jason and Ongig on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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