By the time you read this, game developer Double Fine Productions in San Francisco will likely have passed the 50,000 investor mark on Kickstarter for funding its next point and click adventure game.

Stats are amazing:

    • 27,000+ people put in $15+ for $400,000+
    • 17,000+ people put in $30+ for $520,000+

  • 3,600+ people put in $100+ for $360,000+
  • 900+ people put in $250+ for $225,000+
  • 10 people put in $5,000+ for $50,000
  • 1 person put in $10,000+ for $10,000+

Total funding so far is $1,729,306…and growing!

Most amazing is that Double Fine is not giving up any equity. They are giving away prizes and exclusive access to the game and also making a documentary about the whole process.


It’ll be interesting to see if other small businesses raise money this way, bypassing middlmen such as game publishers as well as angel investors and venture capitalists.

Here’s the video of what they’re doing:

And here’s an IGN video review for a previous Kinect game of theirs: Happy Action Trailer:

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