If you’re serious about diversity, you need a diversity page on your website that is associated with your company career site.

Here are 3 company diversity pages that impress us:

Apple Company Diversity Page

How killer is Apple? I know: a bunch of us are fanboys (I should also say fangirls!), but Apple comes right out with a sweet-looking diversity page with hard data on their diversity hiring (which isn’t a pretty picture). Good for Apple. Some highlights:

  • Diversity Data — It starts with the data. Sharing it publicly shows transparency. Good candidates love this!
  • Hero Media — Great full-screen pics of employees talking about diversity
  • The Diversity Chief — If you’ve got a diversity chief, make sure to mention her front and center. A quote helps
Apple Company Diversity Page



Google Company Diversity Page

  • CEO Quote — If diversity really matters, the CEO should be involved, right? They lead with a quote from their CEO
  • Breaking Down Diversity — They have a nice breakdown of how they see the different pieces of diversity (hiring inclusion, education, communities) — this shows more thought that the average employer
  • Data — They show the actual breakdown. Candidates love this (even if the #s need improvement)
  • Social Proof — They have 3 magazines discussing Google’s commitment to diversity
 Google Company Diversity Page


Accenture Company Diversity Page

  • Good Headline — The page doesn’t look like brochure-ware and it leads off with a headline that looks like something out of a magazine. That’s good copyrwriting/marketing (I mean that as a compliment — good copywriting is effective).
  • Social Proof — They show through the tweet thumbnails that the employees are really behind this diversity.
  • CEO Quote — Again, it starts at the top.


Accenture Company Diversity Page


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