Ongig’s vision is that all job opportunities should be visual and transparent — that’s why all of our job opps have video and pictures. But there are also many employer Web sites with cool career pages — we decided to give them a shout-out


The Top 10 Visually-Appealing Career Web Pages Of 2011

SoundCloud (Berlin, Germany)

SoundCloud founders Erik and Alex (in video above) joke around at first and then do a more serious, but entertaining, walk-through of their business; it includes a SoundCloud game show in which job candidates appear to tweet their questions to the founders. Their career page is at SoundCloud/jobs.

Qwiki (San Francisco, CA)

We like their easy to read visual summary of the benefits of working with them.

Votizen (San c, CA)

This still-in-beta startup uses Scribd to walk candidates through 17 slides of what it’s like to work with them.
Join us at Votizen (Palo Alto, CA)

I may be biased here (I was an early Inflection advisor) but Inflection has one of the best Career sections we’ve seen.

Check out their “12 4 12” (12 graduates get to join in 2012) program:

…and their wacky-cool stats on their favorite pets and how many team members play different musical instruments.

Stats On Their Employees


I know it’s working for Inflection because I was just at their holiday party and met a ton of their amazing people!

inkling (San Francisco, CA)

We like inkling’s approach to team photos — nice slide bar and high quality photos!

Career Page Pictures

Buddy Media (New York City)

We love Buddy Media’s use of video, quizzes and more on their Facebook page — these guys “get” social media in a major way!

career videos, job quiz

Twitter (San Francisco, CA)

Twitter’s job page is comprehensive with a video and handful of pictures — you definitely get Twitter’s vibe from the 1:23 video alone.

Twilio (San Francisco, CA)

As you might have figured out, we love career videos — Twilio has a good one that shows a handful of team members. They also have a “Meet The Geeks” section that gives a summary of Twilio employees.

Working at Twilio from Twilio on Vimeo.

KickStarter (New York, NY)

We got a “kick” out of the fast motion videos that KickStarter used for their team members here (click image to check it out!):

Kickstarter Fast Motion VideosWe were so inspired by KickStarter’s approach that we tried these fast-motion video thumbnails on the Ongig home page (showing hiring managers (not us) — but, unfortunately, some viewers claimed it gave them seizures…so we pulled it).

Adobe(San Francisco & San Jose, CA)

Adobe does a super-high-quality “Day In The Life” video of a handful of employees.

The Adobe video is rare in that it includes a minute or two on multiple employees, including: Ethan Eismann lead experience designer for platform products from their San Francisco office; EVP & CFO Mark Garret in his San Jose office; and Leslie Lewis Senior Program Manager out of their Newton, MA office; Matias Albert, Project Lead for their web team; Jennifer Chang, Program Manager of the Flash team; Mike Banks, Director of Worldwide Facilities; and Jeff Moran (Senior Product Manager) and wife Lavi (Readiness Manager) of their Seattle office.

Anytime employers like Adobe can show real-life workers in a visual manner, we think that’s a win for job-seekers.

Congrats to all ten that made the list…and the many more we couldn’t list!

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