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There’s some good chatter over on Quora on a question called “How To Evaluate Whether To Work For A Startup?”

My favorite 5 tips from Quora are:

1) Your manager is vital (source: Keith Rabois, COO of Square in San Francisco)

2) Ask yourself: “What can I learn” from working for this startup and “will I enjoy learning it?” (startup advisor Adam Rifkin)

3) The CEO is always critical (self-proclaimed “know-it-all” Andrew Gumperz).

4) It all comes down to people & culture (a bunch of people mentioned this).

5) Trust your gut (a few people mentioned this).

#1 is so important to Ongig that we mandate that every one of our job postings shows the name and picture or video of the hiring manager.

Here’s the full Quora Q&A on working for a startup.

If you’re interested in sizing up a startup job, you might also consider reading The ‘5 C’s’ On Why An A-Player Switches Jobs – they are Career Development, Culture, Creativity, Convenience & Compensation).

Thanks, Quora!

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