A smart CTO type told me he’s thinking about his next move the other day. I encouraged him to think about these 5 question-topics as he evaluates his next job (it’s inspired by “The 5 C’s” we like to talk about).

This guy roasting chestnuts last year in Switzerland made me think for a moment about a job change.

1) Career Development

What do you need in your next job to be making progress towards your career goals…what will get you from Point A to Point B?

2) Culture

What’s the ideal personality of team/people you want to join? Is there a certain type of manager you want in your next job?

3) Creativity

Is there anything you’re passionate about to express your “creative” side — something you’d work on even if you didn’t get paid?

4) Convenience

Where exactly would your next gig be? Close to home? Close to public transit? Somewhere bikeable? Somewhere near killer restaurants? At home?

And what hours do you prefer?

5) Compensation

What type of pay are you looking for in terms of salary, bonus, commissions and equity?

Rob Kelly

Co-Founder and CEO at Ongig
Ongig is the video job description platform that helps you attract the best talent faster. Ongig supercharges your job descriptions through video, images, and other media along with live chat, social sharing, and careers microsite creation. Early clients of Ongig include Yelp, GoDaddy, Verizon Digital and Autodesk.

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