The Facebook “Hacquisition” Continued

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Gowalla’s Co-founder Josh Williams confirmed that Gowalla sold itself to Facebook today — the latest “hacquisition.” “Hacquisition,” if you haven’t already figured it out, combines the words “hacker” with “acquisition” to create a phrase that describes what you call a company that is acquired mostly for its hacker talent. Some also call it getting

What Do Steve Martin, Facebook, Google & A Rock Have In Common?

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Here are some more creative business cards/calling cards we discovered after posting A Creative Business Card Showing Twitter, Web & Email All On One Line. Thanks to Neatorama for posting this calling card from comedian Steve Martin: Here’s a simple & cool business card from Ji Lee (formerly Creative Director at Google)

5 Tips On Whether To Work For A Startup

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Interested in working for a startup? There’s some good chatter over on Quora on a question called “How To Evaluate Whether To Work For A Startup?” My favorite 5 tips from Quora are: 1) Your manager is vital (source: Keith Rabois, COO of Square in San Francisco)

I Keep A List Of “Must-Haves For My Next Job”

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I’ve been lucky to have some awesome jobs in my life, including CEO (4 times), VP of Sales, Director of Business Development, Senior Editor and Assistant (Gopher) a couple of times. At each business I’ve been at I’ve learned that I run into awesome qualities (ones I’d like to have at every job I ever… Read more »

Is IE Dead On Hacker News?…Android Beats It 5 To 1

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We were stunned when we looked at Ongig’s analytics over the weekend — 8,000+ people had visited from Hacker News and yet only 1.1% of them used Internet Explorer (IE) (see graph and chart below). IE usually loses out to Chrome on Ongig’s regular traffic (23.4% to 33.4%), but

Andreessen Versus Buffett On How To Make A Good Hire

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Ongig stumbled across an archived Marc Andreessen blog posting on hiring and it reminded me of Warren Buffett’s criteria for making a good hire (which I apply to all people I do business with). I though I’d contrast their two styles here: Andreessen’s Top 3 Criteria For A Good Hire Are: 1) Drive 2) Curiosity… Read more »

The 3 Reasons This Rising Star Jumped To A New Biz (For Less Pay)

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I was reaching out to some San Francisco “A-Players” last week for the “The 5 C’s Of Why An A-Player Takes A New Job” article and one rising star, Mackenzie Mee-Lee, responded right after deadline about why she joined a new business (The Lions) recently. Here are Mackenzie’s own words